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Locally Owned & Staffed in Northern California for Over 50 Years!

Whether you’re a small-to-medium sized business or an enterprise company with multiple locations, you can count on Advanced Security Systems to provide not only the best security solution individually tailored to the premises, but the kind of service that’s quick, efficient, responsive and best in class.


As a small business owner, security is a top priority. We offer simple to advanced security solutions that ensure the safety of your mom-and-pop shop. Our services include security, life safety, and automation, keeping your shop running smoothly and freeing you up to focus on your profits.

When it comes to safeguarding your business, nothing is more important than security. At Advanced Security Systems, we understand the importance of keeping your employees, customers, and inventory safe. That's why we offer customized security plans tailored to your specific needs. Our solutions include top-of-the-line features like motion detectors, glass break detection, access control, and video surveillance. Our team of experts is well-versed in the challenges that modern businesses face, and we're committed to providing you with the Peace of Mind you need. With Advanced Security Systems, you can rest assured that your security concerns will be handled with the utmost care.

Ensuring the safety of your employees and customers is paramount, while also complying with fire codes in California and/or Oregon. To achieve this, it is vital to professionally install, monitor, and service devices such as pull stations, smoke detectors, heat detectors, water flow detectors, and others. By doing so, you can guarantee that your facility is well-prepared to handle any potential emergencies that may arise.

Take charge of your facility's security by regulating who can enter and when. Manage access to your perimeter, sensitive areas, and high-risk entry points with varying permission levels for all levels of authorization. For maximum safety that caters to your property and industry, select from a range of options such as card credentials, badges, or key fobs to employees, residences, and visitors.

Monitor your sales floors, cash registers, inventory areas, and more. View your footage on demand to see what happened during specific security events, monitor industrial processes, and document employee behavior. Get a faster police response to your alarm with the power of video verification, and consider adding a managed video solution for additional benefits. We offer a variety of security camera options, including IP networked cameras, to help protect your property while you focus on daily operations.

Secure your new commercial site during the build to keep materials safe from costly theft and vandalism. Experience a smoother construction process when we work alongside contractor teams on fire alarm design tasks, from pre-wiring, to pull stations, to strobe lights, in addition to blueprinting and regulations. Advanced Security Systems has outstanding CAD capabilities, and is NICET certified for engineering the security technology in new commercial buildings.

Transition your current security system to Advanced Security Systems with confidence. Our team of security professionals is well-equipped to handle all types of security systems, and we can integrate your existing equipment into our UL Certified monitoring services with ease. Trust us to upgrade your system and keep your building secure.

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Security & Life Safety for a Variety of Industries


We can handle every type of need on the property – from wine tasting rooms and retail shop areas to outbuildings, public areas and the overall landscape and fields.


Whether it’s working to provide video surveillance to logging areas or monitor processes and procedures, there’s a customized solution from Advanced Security Systems to adeptly apply safety, security and more.


Security is critical but there’s so much more, like compliance, regulations, contained work areas and other rules and standards that can be easily handled by our security experts.


The challenges for the K-12 and upper education vertical sector encompass everything from safety and security to emergency communications. Advanced Security Systems does it all.

Builder Solutions

“On-time and on-budget” is how we work with you. We are experienced at working alongside other trades, so you can accomplish your commercial building project quickly and with the expertise you’ll only get from Advanced Security Systems.


The manufacturing sector has a wide range of needs and services. Comprehensive security starts at the perimeter of the premises, and extends throughout.

24/7 Security & Life Safety Monitoring for Your Business

With the most professional alarm response center, in-house auto-cad capabilities, Life Safety certified technicians, NICET certified employees and factory trained technicians, the system design you select will be the best out of the gate and for years to come.

“Very impressed with the attention to detail and kindness we experienced with Advanced Security. The efficiency...left me with the piece of mind that I chose the right alarm company. Thank you!”

Traci Day,

Home Security Customer

“Advanced Security is taking great care of my business property. Good crew. It you need to protect anything give them a call.”

Heather Vina

Commercial Client

"Recently, my house was broken into. Our house had been wired during construction; we just did not hook up the alarms. All it took was a call to your company and you squeezed me into the busy schedule. It is important to impart excellent customer service, especially in a small community. Your technicians did exactly that and more."

Lisa Gray

Advanced Security Customer

"I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the professional and the flexible manner in which you have allowed yourself and your staff to be readily available to meet the security needs at Juvenile Hall. Although there are certain expectations that arise when contracting for service work with any business, the time and service effort you have provided over the years are to be commended. Thank you for all the assistance."

Doug Rasines

Humboldt County Juvenile Hall

"I was out of town when, early in the morning, someone attempted to break into our home while my wife and daughter were asleep. It is clear to me that if we did not have the system, my wife and daughter would have been dealing with an intruder in our home. Thank you again for your system, its reliability, and your quick response."

Mr. Shanahan


“… We use Advanced Security Systems at our old business for years and are now using you at our new location. We are always very satisfied.”

Go Go Bistro

Eureka, CA

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