[EasyCall] Muscles: Use Them or Lose Them

Senior Man on the Beach

We at EasyCall are serious about senior health. That’s why our customizable medical response system is used by so many—people know they can rely on us in times of emergency.

But we want folks to be able to rely on their own bodies first. That means staying strong and healthy as we age.

Maintaining strong muscles is vital to our overall health for many reasons.

Strong, healthy muscles promote a functional immune system, help keep us trim, balances the mood, and reduces the risk for chronic diseases.

Seniors with strong muscles also have greater bone density, higher energy levels, and a reduced risk of injury.

Getting and staying fit leads to a better life! It’s easy too.

The American College of Sports Medicine says adults can get great results training each major muscle group just twice per week.

Now’s the time to get moving. After all, when it comes to muscles, you use ’em or lose ’em.