What They’re Not Telling You About GPS

“Why don’t you use GPS with your EasyCall medical alert system?” It’s a question we get a lot. After all, many of our competitors offer products that use the Global Positioning System (or GPS) to help locate people in case of emergency.

The answer is, we’ve done the testing and we just can’t guarantee a GPS-based medical alert system will work in the challenging geography of the North Coast.

We just have too many hills and forests to rely on GPS technology. And that’s why we don’t sell a product that promises something we can’t deliver.

We Tested, They Didn’t

Our EasyCall professionals tried dozens of GPS-based systems and every time we were near the redwoods we’d lose the signal. Losing a signal means not being able to communicate with you or your loved one when an emergency strikes. It means we can’t send medical help. And it means we can’t put the EasyCall name on a product that doesn’t work 100% of the time.

So the next time you see an ad for a GPS-based medical alert system, ask yourself whether you want a product that makes promises it can’t deliver or do you want a local product that’s been rigorously tested to ensure it works on the North Coast.

When the choice is yours, choose EasyCall. You’ll be glad you did.