Monday Message – 5 Big Reasons Why DIY Systems Can’t Compete

Let’s talk about Ring and other DIY systems for a minute. We just saved a customer from switching to Ring when I told him how Ring can’t compete with us.

I wanted to make sure you’re prepared with 5 Big Reasons why Ring and other DIY systems don’t compare with a professionally installed and monitored alarm system.

1) Customers have to design their own systems. And many customers don’t know the difference between a glass break and a window contact. Working with a professional consultant solves that problem!

2) Lousy Tech Support: We’ve all had to call some international tech support line. How did that go? How long were you on hold?

3) DIY is TOO basic: Ring and others often don’t monitor for low-batteries, lack of supervision, or other common issues. Typically, all you get is alarm monitoring and nothing else.

4) Some DIY Systems Won’t Dispatch Police: Need we say more? What’s the point of a monitored alarm system if you’re not backed up by emergency services?

5) No Service Technicians: This one is obvious – it’s right in the name after all: Do it yourself. Got problems with your alarm system? You’ll be calling Best Buy to order more parts and install them yourself. That’s never an issue with a security system from us!

Thanks for reading. Now you’re armed with the TOP 5 reasons why DIY security isn’t always a great idea and you can help our customers make better decisions. Of course, if you have more questions, please reach out!

Have a great week!

– Jarad