5 Great Gift Ideas for Seniors

Great Gifts for Seniors

The Holidays are just around the corner, and many of us will be buying gifts for seniors in our lives. Show them you care with these five great gift ideas that are sure to be big hits with your elders.

EasyCall Medical Alert System

Peace of mind could be the greatest gift you can give a loved one. With EasyCall, more seniors are living independently because they know help is never far. One push of the EasyCall pendant and you’re connected to professional dispatchers who will send help any time of day. EasyCall is waterproof and is guaranteed for life, and can even detect falls automatically. Learn more about EasyCall.

Large Type Puzzles & Crosswords

As we age, our eyesight diminishes, and we have to adjust to limited vision. One way to combat this is with large type puzzles and crossword books. Not only are puzzles and crosswords fun, but they can also help keep our brains healthy too. Staying engaged mentally has been shown to help with symptoms from dementia and Alzheimer’s, so encourage your loved ones to pick up a pencil and solve a few puzzles. Penny Publications has some great options.

Home Accessibility Upgrade

Besides EasyCall, a home accessibility upgrade is another great way to help seniors maintain their independence. Installing a ramp to the front door, sturdy handles in all showers and bathrooms, and adding some smart home features like automated lights, can make life much more comfortable for your older loved ones. This Old House has a great video on retrofitting a home for accessibility.

Robotic Vacuum

Who likes vacuuming? No one we’ve ever met. Give the gift of clean floors, while also relieving your loved one of hauling a heavy vacuum cleaner around the house. Smart vacuums range from $300 to $800, and all are capable of vacuuming your floors autonomously. Higher prices get buyers bigger batteries, and better software potentially improving how they clean. Tom’s Guide has a great buyers guide to help you get started.

Memoir Writing Kit

What better way to create memories than to help an elder in your life write their memoir? Everyone has a story to tell and kits like this are designed to get the creative juices flowing. Memoir writing kits range in complexity and depth, but each one is designed to help you tell the story of a loved one. Learn more at Empire Book Publishing.