As satisfied customers for well over a decade, we are coming back to Advanced Security Systems to help us with surveillance and security for our new rebuilt home in Santa Rosa.

All of the staff are helpful and responsive, and we especially appreciate the support provided by Zach for our design specifications. We’d like to share a story about Advanced Security and the 2017 Wildfires:

As many, we were caught by surprise in the middle of the night. With the trees already burning around our house, we fled into the firestorm with no time to pack.

Less than 20 minutes into our nearly 90-minute struggle to survive through the fires, our cell phone went off. It was the Advanced Security dispatch center calling us to tell us that our fire alarms had gone off.

The system worked all the way until the house caught fire and, had we not evacuated only 20 minutes earlier, I believe Advanced Security would have saved our lives.

We are installing another Advanced Security System. We know it will work, but we hope we never have to use it again.

Your New Home: How to Make Sure It’s Secured


What’s on your to-do list when you buy a new home? For total peace of mind, you should be thinking about how you’ll protect your home. Securing your new purchase against burglary and fire should be the first things you check off your list.

Let’s review six quick steps to making sure your home is secure.


1) Make Sure Your Doors and Windows Are Secure

Did you know 32 percent of burglars simply walk through unlocked front doors? Get in the habit of locking your front door and don’t make the mistake of hiding a spare key in an obvious spot, like under the doormat. Seasoned burglars know just where to look for hidden keys. Make certain all the locks on your doors and windows are operating properly and consider changing the locks when you move in. At the minimum, rekey the locks or consider upgrading to a smart lock you can control remotely from your phone or tablet. Adding a professionally monitored security system with sensors on all doors and windows will provide even more protection. Contact Advanced Security Systems today for your free security consultation.


2) Get to Know Your Neighbors

Knowing your neighbors is one of the most important things you can do to protect your family and your home. When neighbors look out for each other, it’s much harder for burglars to case neighborhoods and identify easy break-in opportunities. Organizations like Neighborhood Watch and apps like Next Door (available for iPhone and Android) make it easy to stay in touch with those around you.


3) Think like a burglar

As you’re moving in, walk around your property and imagine “how would I get into my house if I didn’t have a key?” Look for low windows or other access points. Will you be leaving a window open for ventilation? That’s an easy spot for a burglar to enter your home. What about the unexpected? Is there an open skylight a burglar could get to by climbing a tree? Thinking like a burglar can help you spot these locations before the bad guys do.


4) Get Exterior Lighting

Motion-activated lights on the outside of your home are great deterrents to ward off burglars plus they make the home safer for you. Consider installing these by the front and back doors and the garage. You’ll decrease the likelihood of both break-ins and falls.


5) Keep Police and Fire Info Close at Hand

Be sure to have numbers for your local police and fire departments where you can find them at a moment’s notice—and where your kids can find them too. Keep a list on the refrigerator with important numbers, including neighbors, family members, and anyone else you might need to call in an emergency.

The days of a family phone in the kitchen are gone. In fact, more than half the homeowners in America have disconnected their traditional telephone lines. It’s important that everyone in your family know how to use your cell phone to make emergency calls. If you’re not comfortable giving total access, be sure your kids and spouse can use your phone to make a call in case of an emergency. Most modern phones allow limited access to emergency numbers from the lock screen.


6) Plan Ahead

Having a clear plan for how you’ll deal with a break-in can alleviate the stress should such an unfortunate event take place. That plan should include who to call (insurance agent, bank, credit card companies, etc.), a good home inventory with all your major purchases, and a file with any recent work orders.

Following these tips is a great way to make sure your home is secure. For total security, contact Advanced Security Systems today for your free security consultation.

What to Do After a Break-In

Being the victim of a robbery is something you’ll hopefully never have to live through. However, if it does happen, you need to know the steps to recover from the break-in both financially and emotionally.


Here are five things to do after your home or business has been broken into.


Call the Police and File a Report

If you’re in the home when someone is trying to break in, call 911 immediately.

Do the same, if you arrive home and suspect someone is in your house.

Don’t clean up until the police have arrived and told you it’s OK.  Otherwise, you might disturb key evidence that police need to investigate the break-in.


Call Your Insurance Company

Contact your homeowners or renter’s insurance company within 24 hours of the incident.

You may be asked to provide receipts or other proof of ownership for any expensive items that were stolen, like TVs, jewelry, or other goods.


Begin to Clean Up and Put Pieces Back Together

Call contractors to replace windows or busted doors.

It can be helpful to have carpets cleaned or rooms painted, this can help remove the sometimes-painful memories of a break-in.


Reach out for Help

A break-in can be an emotionally draining experience. Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends and families during this time and don’t be surprised if it takes a while to feel comfortable in your home.


Review the Security of Your Home

Now’s time to think about home security and how you can prevent another incident from occurring. The best ways to improve the security of your home include:

  • Professionally installed security system
  • Adding motion-sensing lights to the exterior of your home
  • Use apps like NextDoor to connect with your neighborhood