Beyond EasyCall: Finding Long-Term Care For Your Loved Ones

Personal medical alert buttons like EasyCall provide 24/7 immediate access to help, so your loved ones can keep their independence longer. But what happens when your loved one’s needs make it necessary to increase the level of care. Navigating the world of long-term care and assisted living can be tough. Luckily, there are resources that can help.

Beyond EasyCall: Finding long-term care for your loved ones

In California, seniors can choose from over 3,500 licensed long term care communities. And it’s no wonder since nearly 14 percent of Californians are 65 or older.

Finding the right living situation can be tough. That’s why has gathered info on Assisted Living throughout the state of California.

At, you can compare the costs of assisted living in various cities and learn about financial assistance for assisted living. Finding the most affordable care is a big concern for seniors since average monthly costs can exceed $4,500.

Click here to explore assisted living resources near you:

Making Sense concerning Medicare

More than 61 million people rely on Medicare benefits. Unfortunately, Medicare rules and regulations can be complicated and challenging to navigate. helps you understand your Medicare eligibility and how to enroll. The web guide also helps you understand the different levels of Medicare benefits, how to qualify, and what the limitations are coverage are. 

Learn more’s Guide to Medicare here:

The Complete Guide to Keeping Your Packages Safe

Online shopping is booming, and package thieves are taking notice.


Retailers report a 76 percent increase in online sales during the COVID19 quarantine, and with those record sales come record numbers of deliveries.


For many of us living under shelter-in-place orders, home delivery is our lifeline to groceries, consumer goods, medicines, and more. Stopping package theft is more critical than ever.


This article will give you several tips for preventing package theft and help you learn how a  security system can help you keep watch on pesky porch pirates.


Track Your Packages and Get Updates

Millions of package thefts are reported each year, but dismally few cases are ever solved. That’s why experts urge prevention, and savvy shoppers know prevention starts with tracking your packages.


Your smartphone’s app store is loaded with apps that can track packages sent from multiple delivery services. Parcel – Delivery Tracking (iPhone, iPad) or Deliveries (Android) are highly rated for their ease of use. FedEx and UPS offer their own apps, but we prefer the convenience of a single app that can track packages from multiple sources.


Have Packages Delivered to your Workplace or Office

One of the best ways to combat package theft is to have items delivered to your office (with your company’s permission) or a friend’s house who will be home to receive the packages. This will stop porch pirates in their tracks. Of course, with the COVID-19 quarantine, many of us are working from home these days. In that case,upgrading your home with a video doorbell can suit your needs.


Require a Signature on Delivery

To prevent your package from being stolen, ask for signature delivery. Contact the sender and request a delivery confirmation signature. Most companies will add this service free of charge.


Use Local Package Lockers

Rite Aid and Walgreens locations offer locker service for Amazon purchases. It’s easy to keep your packages safe and secure with these self-service lockers. Customers also report that they love picking up packages when it’s convenient for them.


Pick Up Packages in Person

This suggestion may not be quite as convenient as receiving deliveries at your front door, but it’s sure to work. Contact your delivery service to hold packages at a local location so you can pick them up.


Your Security System Can Keep Your Packages Safe

Ensuring your packages arrive safely is one of the ways your security system works for you. Security cameras and video doorbells can notify you with an email when the package comes.


If you’re not home when the package is delivered, you can use your smartphone to disarm your alarm system and unlock the door so the package can be placed inside. Once the package is safely inside, arm your alarm system, again right from your smartphone. It’s that easy.

A young woman checks her smartphone to see video message that her delivery man has arrived with her packages.

What to Do if Your Package is Stolen

More than 26 million packages are stolen each year in the U.S., and less than 10 percent of cases are solved. If you discover you’re the victim of a porch pirate, take these steps to help remedy the situation.


As soon as you notice your package is missing, file a police report. While the odds are low that your package will be recovered, there’s always a chance. Plus, filing a police report is required if you’re going to make a claim against your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Beyond that, contacting the police will help them establish a pattern if porch thieves are prowling your neighborhood.


Within 24 hours of noting the package missing, contact the store and shipping service you used. Many online stores have policies for missing deliveries and may even send you a replacement at no cost. Keep track of order and delivery numbers to save time when contacting your retailer. This same advice applies if a friend or relative sent your package—keep them in the loop so they can report it to their retailer.


File a lost package claim:

  • Did you ship with the USPS? Click here to file a lost package claim.
  • Used UPS? Click here to file a lost package.
  • Was FedEx your delivery company? Click here to file a lost package claim.


Monday Message – 5 Big Reasons Why DIY Systems Can’t Compete

Let’s talk about Ring and other DIY systems for a minute. We just saved a customer from switching to Ring when I told him how Ring can’t compete with us.

I wanted to make sure you’re prepared with 5 Big Reasons why Ring and other DIY systems don’t compare with a professionally installed and monitored alarm system.

1) Customers have to design their own systems. And many customers don’t know the difference between a glass break and a window contact. Working with a professional consultant solves that problem!

2) Lousy Tech Support: We’ve all had to call some international tech support line. How did that go? How long were you on hold?

3) DIY is TOO basic: Ring and others often don’t monitor for low-batteries, lack of supervision, or other common issues. Typically, all you get is alarm monitoring and nothing else.

4) Some DIY Systems Won’t Dispatch Police: Need we say more? What’s the point of a monitored alarm system if you’re not backed up by emergency services?

5) No Service Technicians: This one is obvious – it’s right in the name after all: Do it yourself. Got problems with your alarm system? You’ll be calling Best Buy to order more parts and install them yourself. That’s never an issue with a security system from us!

Thanks for reading. Now you’re armed with the TOP 5 reasons why DIY security isn’t always a great idea and you can help our customers make better decisions. Of course, if you have more questions, please reach out!

Have a great week!

– Jarad

3 Ways to Avoid Home Security Scammers

It’s about dinner time, and there’s an unexpected knock at your door. It’s a door-to-door salesman offering the deal of a lifetime on a new security system. The question is: do you trust this salesman and let him in your home? Sure, there’s a (small) chance you’re about to get the best deal ever. But more likely, you’ll be inviting a high-pressure salesman into your home. Don’t let aggressive sales tactics trick you into signing up for more than you need.


In this article, you will learn three important tips that will help you understand the sales process for buying an alarm system. You’ll also learn how to avoid the trap of high-pressure sales and avoid security scammers.


Check IDs, So You Know Who You Are Dealing With

Pushy sales professionals use their authority to get into your house and separate you from your money. In California and Oregon, laws protect consumers from coercive sales. In both states, homeowners can cancel any order over $25 within three days of the initial sale when the transaction occurs in the person’s home. The law applies any time a sale takes place away from the salesman’s place of business.


Of course, these laws only protect you when you are dealing with a reputable company. Be sure to check the IDs of anyone entering your home, so you know you’re dealing with an authorized company representative.


And don’t be afraid to be assertive—if you’re not interested, don’t be afraid to directly tell the salesman.


Nothing is Really Free

Offering a ‘free alarm system’ is a common tactic used in aggressive sales. The idea is to offer you something big upfront in exchange for a multi-year commitment to pay $50 or more per month. For the company, it’s a small cost to give you free equipment as a trade for thousands of dollars in income. It’s the same sales method used by cell phone companies. Companies get customers to sign up for expensive cellular service by giving away smartphones for free.


And who doesn’t want free stuff? 


As a consumer, it’s always a better deal to purchase the equipment up front and secure a lower monthly payment. When you own the equipment outright, you can avoid long-term contracts, and easily change service providers if you’re unhappy.


Carefully Review the Contract with Your Security Consultant

Reading the fine print is excellent advice when signing any contract, not just an alarm company’s contract. In addition to securing your right to cancel, consumer protection laws are designed to help you avoid unwanted purchases. Here are some items your security sales rep is required to include in an agreement:


  • Is there a written agreement, signed by you, the buyer?
  • Is the written agreement is in the same language that was principally used in the sales presentation?
  • Name of the seller
  • Address of seller’s “place of business”
  • Date of the transaction
  • Date by which the buyer can give notice of cancellation: Must be at least three “business days” after the date of the transaction


Want to Avoid Scams? Call a Local Provider

Talk to your friends and associates and look for referrals to a local and trusted alarm company. Chances are other home- and business owners have worked with a local alarm company in your area. Once you’ve contacted a local company, a representative should set an appointment to meet with you and conduct a full security assessment of your property.


Ask these important questions

Before you sign anything, be sure you ask these important questions, which will help you be sure you’re working with a reputable company with a long-standing history of customer satisfaction.


  • How long have you been in business?
  • Where is your central station located?
  • Are you bonded and licensed to operate in this state?


With these tips, you’re ready to avoid high-pressure sales tactics and purchase a security system with peace of mind. Remember, a security system can be one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. Be sure that you’re working with a reputable company that puts your interests first. At Advanced Security Systems, we have been proudly delivering “peace of mind” since 1971.


Learn more about our security solutions and request a free quote today.

Protect Your Independence With EasyCall

EasyCall is an affordable and reliable way to maintain your independence. With EasyCall you get the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 professional monitoring and a customized response plan in case you experience an emergency.

Why is having EasyCall a great idea? Consider these three facts:

  • By 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will be over the age of 65.
  • Almost 75 percent of baby boomers want to stay in their current residence for as long as possible.
  • The average cost of an assisted living facility is $45,731 per year.

It’s clear what these figures add up to. More adult children of baby boomers will find themselves taking on the role of caregiver to an aging population. The question is, how can we provide care to someone who values their independence? The answer is a personal emergency response system from EasyCall.

If there’s an emergency when you aren’t around, EasyCall helps seniors get help in an instant. Delays can be costly. Doctors know that when people get help within the so-called “golden hour” after an incident are much more likely to fully recover and return to their homes.

With EasyCall, you’re never truly alone.