Four Tips for Family Caregivers

As a caregiver for a family member or loved one, our roles are rewarding but stressful. After all, we’re responsible for the well-being both our family member and ourselves. If our health isn’t optimized, it becomes difficult to give the quality of care we’re capable of giving. With that in mind, here are four tips for family caregivers to help manage their role:

In California, You Can Get Paid as a Family Caregiver

Did you know several programs in California will pay you to be a caregiver to a family member? While there are qualifications you’ll have to meet, this can be a great way to defer costs and make your caregiver role more manageable.
Check out programs like:


Reach Out For Help

The National Alliance for Caregiving, the Eldercare Locator, and the AARP are just a small sample of the hundreds of organizations committed to helping you be a better care provider. There’s no reason to go it alone or feel isolated. Reach out for help when it’s needed and you and your loved ones will benefit. Here’s a great list of resources from the AARP.

Give Yourself Credit for Doing a Great Job

We know that being a caregiver can get difficult sometimes. It’s important to give yourself credit for taking on one of the hardest jobs imaginable. Still, caring for another can be frustrating at times. Remember these quick tips to help keep your peace of mind.

  • Focus on what’s going well, not what’s going wrong.
  • Take time to reward yourself for a job well done.
  • Write down your thoughts so you can process things that are on your mind. The duties of daily life can make it possible to reflect on the important service you’re providing.

Technology Like EasyCall is On Your Side

We’re living through an unprecedented technological boom. We see it everywhere from our smartphones to self-driving cars. The great part is that these advances in tech are making it easier than ever to be a caregiver. Smart medicine dispensers can keep track of whether seniors are taking their meds, and wireless cameras let family members check in on seniors any time of day.

Technology like EasyCall gives your loved ones a 24/7 connection to help. With one push of a button, EasyCall can send help. EasyCall can even detect fall automatically, so there’s no need to push a button in the case of an emergency. Connected smart technologies like these mean your loved ones never have to be alone.


Beat the Grinch: How to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure This Holiday Season

Everything kicks into high gear around the Holidays. Stores are open later, and we’re busy with Holiday shopping and events. Burglars are busy too, taking advantage of earlier nights and heaps of freshly-wrapped presents in our homes.

It turns out those thieves are busy committing millions of robberies across the country.

In 2017, global logistics company Shorr surveyed U.S. consumers and found that 11 million shoppers had a package stolen from their front steps during the last year. That’s nearly a third (31 percent) of all online shoppers. With an average value between $50 and $100 per package, hundreds of millions of dollars in merchandise are vanishing from doorsteps every year.

If that’s not bad enough, another survey by found 22.6 million Americans who’ve had their holiday decorations stolen or vandalized.

It’s enough to make the Grinch blush.

How can we stop these porch pirates? We can get proactive. The same survey by InsuranceQuotes found that 30 percent of holiday theft victims installed a security system and 25 percent installed automatic timers on their house lights. And it’s not just electronic upgrades that can help. Experts recommend trimming shrubs near your doorways and windows to deprive thieves of hiding places. Make sure ladders are securely put away, so you’re not inviting thieves into the second story of your home.

Adding a professionally installed and monitored security system can give you peace of mind when you’re at work or away. Consumers are also installing motion-activated video doorbells. These high-tech doorbells replace your old model and let you communicate with your smartphone with anyone at your door.

Inside the home, the biggest dangers are in the kitchen. The InsuranceQuotes survey found that 12.9 million Americans have had a holiday house fire caused by cooking and another 9.7 million have had fires from lit candles in their holiday decor. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that 12 percent of all home candle fires occur in December.

Again, a monitored security system can help. These systems can include connected smoke detectors packed with technology that goes beyond the standard battery-operated smoke detector. The detectors are connected to your alarm panel, and as soon as they detect smoke particles, your system sends a signal to your alarm company, where dispatchers are ready to deploy help.

The NFPA recommends always disposing properly of grease and keeping your cooking area clear of food wrappers and oven mitts which can quickly catch fire. They also suggest having your chimney and fireplace inspected annually and reviewing your home owner’s insurance to make sure you have the coverage you need.

With these tips and a few upgrades to your home security, you can beat porch pirates and enjoy a safe and secure holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Everything kicks into high gear around the Holidays. Stores are open later and we’re busy with Holiday shopping and events. Burglars are busy too, taking advantage of earlier nights and heaps of freshly-wrapped presents in our homes.

How to Have a Healthy & Safe Thanksgiving with Your Elders

With the start of the Holiday season just around the corner, many seniors may feel isolated from their families. Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays are a great opportunity to be with our loved ones, but as our loved ones age we need to consider a few things to ensure we have a safe and healthy holiday season.

Getting Ready

Before your loved ones arrive, be sure to remove any clutter or tripping hazards from common areas, like the bathroom, kitchen, living and dining rooms. In the kitchen, make sure you cooking surfaces are clear, and you’re ready with a fire extinguisher in case of an oven fire. The National Fire Protection Agency says the likelihood of home kitchen fires triples on Thanksgiving, making it the most common day for kitchen fires all year.

Enjoying the Meal

Most of our grandparents and older parents are used to being the hosts for big holiday gatherings. It can be difficult to transition into being a guest. Share some of the meal preparation with your elders. Ask them to make a favorite dish, or assist with gathering ingredients.

Another tip is to let seat them at the head of the table, honoring their position as matriarch or patriarch of the family.

During the meal, stay mindful of any medications your loved ones are using. Some may interact with alcohol, and some medications, like certain blood thinners, can even react poorly to too many green leafy vegetables. Be sure you’re aware of any potential complications or side effects so you can enjoy a stress-free dinner.

After the Meal

Getting out for a neighborhood walk is a great way to stay active after a holiday meal. If your family prefers a more vigorous activity like a game of touch football, look for ways to include your elders. Asking them to act as a referee or coach can be fun.

If your loved ones traveled to see you, invite them to stay over. You’ll enjoy more time together and avoid the risks of driving after dark.

Most importantly, ensure your elders are listening to their bodies and know when it’s time to call it a night. It’s all about finding the balance between including your older loved ones and avoiding burning them out with too much holiday cheer.

Happy Thanksgiving from EasyCall!