Introducing Resideo’s ProSeries: Tech Savvy and Easy to Use

Are you looking for a cutting-edge security and smart home system? Resideo’s new ProSeries delivers a complete security and smart-home solution that’s simple to use and integrates seamlessly into your life.

With a refreshed user interface, ProSeries is easy to use with a consistent look and feel across all products, including the panel, touchscreen, and app. This streamlined look makes it easy to learn and operate your new ProSeries security system.

In addition, the ProSeries offers built-in voice control for hands-free operation, video alarm verification to reduce false alarms, and convenient hands-free system disarming. It’s truly the next generation of alarm technology.

ProSeries works with a family of wireless sensors and devices which are interchangeable across the entire platform. 

Homeowners can take advantage of an expanded line of sensors and life-safety devices and can easily add smoke and carbon monoxide detection, flood sensors, smart thermometers, and more. Best of all? These life-safety sensors are all connected throughout the system. If a smoke alarm goes on in your garage, you’ll be notified in your living room or anywhere you happen to be with the TotalConnect 2.0 smartphone app. 

Other devices include indoor and outdoor wireless sirens with built-in strobe lights and an indoor MotionViewer and video alarm verification. These MotionViewers are totally wireless and transmit alerts and images, even in a blackout situation without power or Wi-Fi.

All of this backed up by Resideo’s decades of experience in the alarm industry and powerful AES-128 encryption to ensure a high level of data security. 

Advanced Security Systems is proud to offer the ProSeries family of security products to all our customers in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

Give us a call at 877-443-6366 or schedule a consultation today, and learn more about protecting your home with Resideo’s ProSeries.


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Growing Sales Help Advanced Security Win Notifier’s ‘Award of Excellence’

Advanced Security Systems has been named a 2020 recipient of the NOTIFIER Diamond Distributor Award of Excellence. The award is given to Notifier partners who show outstanding levels of customer service.

Notifier manufacturers engineered fire alarm systems worldwide. Advanced Security Systems is part of a network of 400 distributors worldwide that are authorized to sell, service, and install Notifier fire detection systems.

3G Sunset: For Some, the Network Shutdown is Coming Early

Are you ready for the 3G Sunset? The 3G cellular network will be retired by AT&T and Verizon during 2021. But some network users are finding their service has been cut off well before the 2021 deadline.

Why the early shut-off? It turns out there are a few situations where users can find themselves without 3G network access. They include:

Areas Recently Hit by Natural Disasters

If you live in an area that’s been recently affected by natural disasters, there’s a good chance the 3G network won’t be returning. The reason is that when fires, floods, or other events damage 3G cell towers, cellular companies replace those towers with current equipment. And that typically means a 4G LTE tower. 

You’re Using a “Roaming” 3G Network

Some cellular customers are actually using a “roaming” version of the 3G network. Roaming is an agreement among cellular providers to share access as users move throughout the network. For example, if your cellular service provider is Verizon, but you’re in an area where Verizon doesn’t have service, another cellular provider will grant you network access on Verizon’s behalf. Roaming is common in rural areas and other places where cellular coverage isn’t complete.

The bad news? Most users won’t know they’re on a roaming network until it’s too late. For some alarm system users, the deadline to upgrade can be as early as Dec. 31, 2020. 

Don’t wait to find out if you’re a roaming customer! Upgrade your alarm system to a new LTE communicator and ensure your system can access the reliable LTE cellular network.


Learn more about the 3G Sunset in our FAQ

Advanced Security Systems: One of Sonoma County’s ‘Best Places to Work’

Advanced Security Systems is among the “Best Places to Work” in Sonoma County, according to a new survey conducted by the North Bay Business Journal. The ranking appeared in the publication’s Aug. 31 edition.

“We’re honored to be included on this list with other great Sonoma County businesses. This recognition truly belongs to our great employees. When you surround yourself with quality people, it creates an environment that attracts other quality folks,” says Chuck Petrusha, CEO and President of Advanced Security Systems.

Businesses were ranked by total number of full-time employees, benefit packages, and the types of positions most in demand. This is the first year Advanced Security Systems has been included in the ranking.

The companies that made the “Best Places to Work” list will be honored at a virtual event on Sept. 23 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. The event is free to the public and co-hosted by the North Bay Business Journal. Register at

You can view the publication’s digital edition here: The report appears on page 12.

Advanced Security Systems Jumps to #75 Among Nation’s 100 Top Security Dealers

Eureka, Calif.—By focusing on customer satisfaction and providing state-of-the-art security solutions, Advanced Security Systems has again been listed among the top 100 security dealers in the U.S. The ranking is part of the 2020 Security Dealer Magazine 100, which ranks U.S. companies that provide electronic security systems to residential and commercial/government customers.


SDM’s rankings are based on total annual revenue, residential subscribers, and non-residential sales revenue, among other factors. In 2019, Advanced Security Systems was ranked No. 76, and in 2018, the company ranked No. 82. Click here to see the full report.


“We’re thrilled to be a part of the best security companies in the country,” says Chuck Petrusha, President and CEO of Advanced Security Systems. “The fact that we keep moving up the list reflects the dedication of the Advanced Security Systems team of professionals. We’re looking forward to another productive yet challenging, year ahead.”


Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the security industry had experienced a year of rapid growth. Collectively, the top 100 security companies reported total annual revenue growth of 9.5 percent.


In March, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security declared security businesses an essential service, and Advanced Security Systems has operated without interruption since shelter-in-place orders were issued throughout Northern California. “Our technicians and sales consultants are masked and trained to do their work while safely practicing social distancing. The health of our team members and our customers is our top priority, and we’re taking every precaution to ensure our customer’s homes and businesses are secure while avoiding the risk of exposure to COVID-19,” says Petrusha.


About the Company

Since 1971, Advanced Security Systems has been Northern California and Southern Oregon’s security leader. Advanced Security Systems sells, services, and installs residential and commercial security alarms, fire alarms, access control, and surveillance systems to residential, commercial, and government consumers.

Our Continuing Commitment to You During COVID-19

As an essential business, Advanced Security Systems is committed to protecting our community’s homes and businesses. Our No. 1 priority is delivering peace of mind to our customers. Advanced Security Systems has taken steps to increase the safety and well-being of our staff and customers.


Protecting You at Home

With shelter-in-place orders in effect throughout Oregon and California, we’re spending more time at home. We want you to know that our team of professional dispatchers has been continuously monitoring your alarm system since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


If you need service at home, our technicians are ready to help. We’re taking extra precautions and closely following the CDC’s hygiene recommendations, including wearing masks and frequently disinfecting our vehicles and equipment.


Protecting the Advanced Security Systems Team

If you or anyone in your home is showing signs of illness, we ask that you reschedule any service visits you may have. Call our office at 1-707-443-6366 any time before your appointment to reschedule at no cost.

Our sales team is also ready to help you with new installations or additions to existing systems. We’re happy to meet with you in person using social distancing guidelines, or we can conduct a meeting online using a platform like Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Facebook Messenger.

Many things are uncertain during the unprecedented COVID19 outbreak, but one thing’s for sure. Advanced Security Systems is there 24/7 for your security needs. If you or someone you know would benefit from our services, please reach out to us at 707-443-6366.

12 Things You Never Knew About Home Safety

1. Always arm your security system!
Whether you are home alone, asleep at night, running to the store, or leaving on vacation, arming your security system is the best way to keep you safe from intruders.

2. Store valuables in your child’s sock drawer rather than in your nightstand.
Thieves often scour the master bedroom but tend to leave children’s rooms untouched.

3. If your front entrance contains decorative glass, install your security keypad in a spot that is not visible from the doorstep.
That way, burglars won’t be able to peer in and see if the alarm is set.

4. A mail slot goes against the wood grain, weakening the horizontal integrity of a door and making it easier to kick in.
Opt for a mailbox, or install your slot near the bottom of the front door, no higher than a quarter of the way up.

5. Keep car keys next to your bed while you sleep.
If you hear a suspicious noise and suspect that someone is trying to break in, press the panic button on your key ring. The car alarm will sound, and the burglar will have no choice but to flee the scene.

6. Plant thorny shrubs, such as rosebushes, beneath ground-floor windows.
They’ll add beauty to your garden and deter burglars.

7. If you’re going away on vacation, ask a neighbor to check daily for flyers stuck in your front porch.
Crafty criminals have been known to leave pizza ads in door jambs to see how long it takes for residents to remove them.

8. Rather than loading up the car the night before a weekend getaway, quickly do it in the morning right before you leave.
Left in front of the house, a fully packed car can serve as a green light for those looking for one.

9. Lower the volume of your telephone ringer.
This way a passerby won’t be able to hear it go to voice mail, which is an indication that no one is home.

10. Don’t store wood near the side of the house, as intruders can easily use it as a stepladder up to a window.
Keep logs in the garage or a pile at the edge of the yard.

11. If a yard worker or unknown visitor uses the bathroom, he may unlatch the window so he can gain entry later.
Be sure to double-check the lock.

12. Choose your locksmith wisely.
Some are unlicensed or dishonest, so always look for a well-established locksmith business that is bonded and insured.

Advanced Security Systems Taps Syd Lemmon for Field Services Manager

Advanced Security Systems proudly announces the promotion of Sydney Lemmon of Eureka, Calif., to the position of Field Services Manager. This position oversees all technicians and fieldwork and is tasked with ensuring all customer needs are met within Advanced Security Systems’ Northern California service region.


In his three years with the company, Lemmon has served as both a service and installation technician. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, Calif. Before joining Advanced Security Systems, Lemmon served as a Youth Pastor at the Eureka First Church of the Nazarene.


“Syd brings a unique leadership ability that truly supports our ability to deliver peace of mind. With Syd overseeing field services, our customers are sure to get an outstanding quality of service,” says Chuck Petrusha, President and CEO of Advanced Security Systems.


Advanced Security Systems sells, services, and installs burglar and fire alarms, access control systems, and video surveillance packages. With offices in Eureka, Crescent City, and Santa Rosa, Advanced Security Systems has been Northern California’s leading security provider for over 45 years. To learn more, visit

Advanced Security Systems Announces Acquisition of Petaluma’s K & R Security

Petaluma, Calif.—Advanced Security Systems announces the asset purchase of one of Petaluma’s oldest and largest security system providers, K & R Security, Inc.


Karim Salih, president and operator of K & R Security, is also announcing his retirement along with the sale. Salih and his wife will remain in the Petaluma area and continue to be active members of the community.


“In announcing my retirement, I was careful to select a security system provider with over 48 years of combined experience, not only in security systems, but access control systems, surveillance systems, and fire alarm systems. Advanced Security fills the bill with a proven track record of operating a local, family-owned, regional security company.”


Chuck Petrusha, president and CEO of Advanced Security Systems, offers a warm welcome to the K & R Security clients. “I can assure our K & R Security clients a smooth transition with the quality of service, monitoring, and testing you’ve come to trust,” says Petrusha.


Advanced Security Systems with offices in Santa Rosa, Eureka, and Crescent City, will continue to service K & R Security customers from its existing Sonoma County location. Customers can use K & R Security telephone numbers to contact the main office and the monitoring station—707-762-5311 (office) and 800-353-3064 (24-hour monitoring station)—that they are used to.


Advanced Security Systems is a full-service alarm company with capabilities of monitoring, and working on leading brands in the market place. Advanced Security technicians are factory authorized and trained in the latest technologies and security products.


For more information, visit

Advanced Security Systems a ‘Top 100’ Security Dealer in Nationwide Rankings

Security Distributing & Marketing Magazine’s Annual Rankings Place Local Advanced Security Systems in Top 100 Among More than 12,000 Companies


SANTA ROSA, CALIF.—With a growing customer base and focus on the local community Advanced Security Systems has been ranked a Top 100 security dealer by Security Distributing & Marketing in its annual SDM 100 report. In the report, which poles approximately 12,000 security companies nationwide to determine its rankings, Advanced Security Systems ranked no. 82.


“We’re honored and excited to be on this list,” says Chuck Petrusha, president and CEO of Advanced Security Systems. “Being ranked so highly is a reflection of the great people at Advanced Security Systems and their hard work. I also want to thank our customers who have put their trust in us and rely on us for their security needs.”


The report ranks U.S. companies that earn their revenues from the sale, installation, service, and monitoring of electronic security systems. SDM 100 firms are ranked by their recurring monthly revenue, which is a common method for determining the value of a security company.


Established in 1971, the family-owned company has grown significantly recently. In 2017, Advanced Security Systems acquired Allied Alarms, Santa Rosa’s oldest and most established alarm company, and North Coast Signal, Fort Bragg, Calif.’s premier alarm company. These acquisitions along with organic growth led to a 32 percent increase in monthly revenue in 2017. Collectively, the SDM 100 companies saw a 4.2 percent increase in monthly revenue.


Advanced Security Systems services thousands of business, residential, and governmental customers throughout Northern California and Southern Oregon.