Crescent City Residents: What to Do After a Break-In

Being the victim of a robbery is something you’ll hopefully never have to live through. However, if it does happen, you need to know the steps to recover from the break-in both financially and emotionally.

Here are six things to do in Crescent City, Calif., after your home or business has been broken into.


Call the Police and File a Report

If you’re in the home when someone one is trying to break in, call 911 immediately. Do the same, if you arrive home and suspect someone is in your house. You definitely don’t want to confront a burglar on your own.

However, if you’re certain the burglar has fled, now’s the time to call the police or sheriff. In Albion, call the Crescent City Police Department at 707-464-2133.

Resist the urge to start cleaning up police have arrived and told you it’s ok to do so.  Otherwise, you might disturb key evidence that police need to investigate the break-in.


Call Your Insurance Company

Now that you’ve informed the proper authorities be sure to contact your homeowners or renters insurance company within 24 hours of the incident. The company will likely send an insurance adjuster to inspect the break-in and make an estimate to cover damages. Be aware, you may be asked to provide receipts or other proof of ownership for any expensive items that were stolen, like TVs, jewelry, or other goods.


Begin to Clean Up and Put Pieces Back Together

Once the police have finished with their investigation and you’ve contacted your insurance companies, it’s time to start to clean up. Reach out to contractors to replace windows or fix busted doors or any other damage. It can be helpful to have carpets cleaned or rooms painted, this can help remove the sometimes painful memories of a break in.


Reach out for Help

A break in can be an emotionally draining experience. Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends and families during this time and don’t be surprised if it takes a while to feel comfortable in your home. As with any traumatic experience, you will feel better with time and the support of those around you.


Review the Security of Your Home

After you’ve mentally recovered from your break in, it’s time to think about home security and how you can prevent another incident from occurring. The best ways to improve the security of your home include getting a security system installed, adding motion sensing lights to the exterior or your home, and working with your neighbors to report any suspicious activity. Apps like NextDoor ( can make that easy. After all, most burglars will stalk a neighborhood before attempting a break-in, looking for vulnerable houses that will be easy to get into.

Advanced Security Systems has security solutions for homes of all types and sizes in Crescent City. Contact us today for a free, no obligation security consultation at 707-544-9200.

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[EasyCall] Muscles: Use Them or Lose Them

We at EasyCall are serious about senior health. That’s why our customizable medical response system is used by so many—people know they can rely on us in times of emergency.

But we want folks to be able to rely on their own bodies first. That means staying strong and healthy as we age.

Maintaining strong muscles is vital to our overall health for many reasons.

Strong, healthy muscles promote a functional immune system, help keep us trim, balances the mood, and reduces the risk for chronic diseases.

Seniors with strong muscles also have greater bone density, higher energy levels, and a reduced risk of injury.

Getting and staying fit leads to a better life! It’s easy too.

The American College of Sports Medicine says adults can get great results training each major muscle group just twice per week.

Now’s the time to get moving. After all, when it comes to muscles, you use ’em or lose ’em.

Celebrate National Senior Health & Fitness Day

National Senior Health & Fitness Day is the nation’s largest older adult health and wellness event, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

EasyCall supports health and fitness by always being there in the event of an emergency.

Getting fit at any age has many benefits. Seniors report feeling sharper, more energetic, and enjoying a sense of overall wellbeing. Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, improves mobility, can improve sleep, and benefit digestion and immune systems.

To celebrate National Senior Health & Fitness Day here are four tips to help the seniors in your life get started on a health and fitness plan.

Get Medical Clearance

While it’s always important to get medical clearance before beginning a new exercise plan, it’s especially critical as we advance in age. Seniors should explain their exercise plans to their doctors and ask if any activities that should be avoided.

Start Slow and Build Up

For many seniors, it’s been a while since they’ve engaged in a regular exercise plan. Starting off with light and short workouts will help build a base level of fitness that can improve over time. Aim for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times per week for the first few weeks. Increase time each week after that until you can work out comfortably for 30-45 minutes at a time.

Commit to a Schedule

With exercise, it’s no good if you only do it once. Seniors should commit to a schedule of at least two sessions per week. More active seniors can aim for 4-5 times per week. Rest is essential, and at least two days each week should be rest days with no exercise.

Keep a Log

Watching yourself progress over time is incredibly satisfying. With exercise that can mean increasing weights in a weight lifting program, or walking longer or taking more challenging aerobics classes. With a logbook, seniors can see the progress their making and work toward more challenging goals!

Senior health and fitness are important. With these tips, you can help the seniors in your life live better, more fulfilling lives by focusing on exercise and committing a plan to get more fit.

Even the healthiest of us need help sometimes. That’s where EasyCall comes in. With our customizable medical response system, you can be sure help is always available at the push of a button. When it comes time to choose, choose EasyCall. You’ll be glad you did.