Top 5 Elderly Fall Reasons

  1. HEALTH. Memory, eyesight, balance and poor hearing can all lead to the increased risk of falling.
  2. MEDICINES. When medicine is combined with a weakened physical state, elderly people are more likely to sustain a fall.
  3. POST-HOSPITAL RETURN. Any type of surgery or other significant medical procedure is likely to increase one’s risk of falling.
  4. SURROUNDINGS. Furniture, rugs, beds and even other loose objects such as shoes are responsible for countless falls each year.
  5. FEAR OF FALLING. Because the fear of falling places a psychological limit on daily activities, elderly tend to have reduced mobility and loss of physical fitness.

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EasyCall & Timely Medical Attention

62% of victims who don’t receive help within the first hour after a fall may not be able to live alone after recovery.

The longer the time before help arrives, the worse it gets:

2 – 3   Hours:   60% of those fall again within the following year.

4 – 5   Hours:   Hospitalization is certain. Other aliments may begin to affect the victim.

6 – 11 Hours:  90% of those who aren’t helped within 6 hours will have to live in a nursing home.

12-17 Hours:   Length of potential hospital stay doubles during this time. Health threats emerge: pressure sores, dehydration,                             hypothermia, possibility of death.

18-23 Hours:   Likelihood of full recovery is minuscule.

24     Hours:    The length of time on the floor may outweigh initial injuries as primary cause of death.

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